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Our staff at Vacasa are much valued part of our team and RentChalets’ Community!

Our Staff motto is Work Hard, Play Hard and Sleep Well!

Job Posted June 6th 2018
Driver and Rescue Runner
Full-time job
To assist the Housekeeping Department and General Manager with driving housekeepers and clean up from Kelowna to Big White. Delivering clean laundry to properties and picking up dirty. Picking up dirty laundry. You will also spend your days traveling around Big White and Kelowna area assisting with moving housekeepers, dropping off items/picking up items that may be needed. Coming to the rescue of our guests by diagnosing urgent issues in our homes and helping support the housekeeping and operations team. 

Driving housekeepers and clean laundry from Kelowna to Big White
Delivery of clean and pick up of dirty laundry, making sure clean and dirty are kept separately
Assist with snow clearing- clear doorways, garages, pathways, stairs, decks and hot tubs areas.
Assist with garbage removal/pickup
Working with the Operations Manager to resolving guest issues. Including visiting guests to resolve issues in property. To keep office informed.
Understand how Lockstate lock work, and assist with re setting locks when needed; 
Maintain clean and tidy work areas, ie maintenance/storerooms, tool bags, vehicles.
Work with the other departments ie housekeeping, front desk, sales and data management.
Any other task that is required for Rentchalets to operate successfully.
Ensure daily timesheets are filled in correctly and handed in a timely manner.
All Rentchalets vehicles, to drive with due diligence and according to Rules of the Road in B.C.

The skills you will need:
BC Driving Licence: with a minimum of 10 years driving, preferable with previous experience working as a driver. Will require a driver’s abstract from ICBC. 
Communicator: proactively communicate with Management/ housekeepers/ guests/ owners in person, phone or email.
Problem Solver: at Rentchalets, we always seek to head problems off at the pass, but chaos theory prevails and we can't pre-solve for everything. When something doesn't go according to plan, you will need to go into action and work with teams across Rentchalets to turn problems into opportunities.
Can do/will do attitude: when guests are on vacation, we are our busiest. A willingness to help when needed is essential. This will include weekends and holidays.
Computer Savvy: We use various software systems to manage all aspects of our business. While we will never ask you to do any coding, we will want you to be very comfortable using a computer. If you commonly find yourself saying, "I bet I can get on youtube and figure out how to do that.", you'll be just fine. Must have a smartphone and must be comfortable using it for texting, using Apps and using it as a tool for completing tasks. 
Highly Organized: This position requires balancing competing priorities on a day to day and minute by minute basis. At Rentchalets we are dedicated to providing the best tools possible to manage the workload, but there is a critical human piece that you will provide. As you are one of key employees going into the homes, providing feedback to the managers when guests or housekeepers/checkers are having issues would be really helpful. The ability to troubleshoot issues that come up in the homes and either repair them (if minor) or make recommendations to your manager. 
Change Agent: At Rentchalets, we firmly believe that every employee should be a stakeholder in improving our owner and guest experience. As an agent of change we will ask you to help identify areas where we have an opportunity to improve.
The ability to lift up to 40 pounds,7_IC2301696_KE8,14.htm

If you are interested please call 
Margaret on 250 470 1376



We are seeking Housekeepers for Christina Lake Summer 2018


We are seeking a motivated couple with BC driving licence, willing to be located in Christina Lake for the summer with the possibility of work for the winter at Big White Ski Resort, nr Kelowna  

We shared staff accommodation available for both locations.


  • All your cleaning equipment and cleaners

  • Cleaning to the Rentchalets standards

  • Operations and controls of heating, fireplace, windows and electronics lights etc.

  • Clean and dirty laundry to reduce loss/damage to sheets and towels

  • Disposable stock

  • Report maintenance issues, damage, theft, and found articles

  • Answer telephone or door bells courteously

  • Yard work- cutting grass, cleaning outside furniture and balconies and decks-summer

Education / Experience

We are looking for applicants that are in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry. You must be self motivated, hard working, have excellent attention to detail and care about the work you do and that it makes a difference to the guest experience and their vacation.    

Physical Demands: While performing the duties of this job, the employee is required to stand, walk 100% of the shift. You will be required to reach, bend, lift, carry, stoop, shovel and wipe throughout the whole shift.  You will be required to lift and carry up to 50/75 pounds (dirty laundry bags/vacuum cleaners) Hazards include not limited to: cuts, slipping on snow & ice, falls, burns, working with cleaning detergents.

Please send your resume to or call into the RentChalets office at 48 Trappers Crossing, 5350 Big White Road.

Start Date: June 2017