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Our Environment

RentChalets Culture

At RentChalets we believe education and new information is the key to improving our services and we constantly work to improve our services. We train our staff to ensure they can provide you with the best holiday experience.

RentChalets staff attend Vacation Rental seminars twice a year to keep up with the latest trends, technologies and information.  We then use that information to improve our processes and procedures.

At RentChalets we listen to our guests and owners to find out exactly what you want from our services so we can provide you with the best vacation experience possible. 

Our green credentials

At RentChalets we use PlanetClean products as we know they share our vision of using healthier cleaning products for the benefit of our staff and our environment.

There is growing evidence that green cleaning programs not only provide benefits to cleaning staff, but also to building occupants and visitors. More building owners are switching to green cleaning products and techniques or are asking that their cleaning service provider use environmentally sound cleaning practices.

Where possible RentChalets operates in a paperless environment to reduce our Carbon Footprint.