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Weddings in Big White

Big White is a unique place and getting married wedding here is a magical experience. For parties small to large, we offer:

  • Chalets with enough space for a small gathering of up to 40 people
  • Side by Side residences consisting of up to 22 bedrooms across 5 chalets with one large residence for the gathering
  • We can help plan and get in touch with contacts for: transportation, food/drink and local knowledge
  • A minister is available - Sheila Tegart (contact information below)
  • All denominations, partnerships and affiliations welcome! 
  • In the winter, you can get married directly on the ski hill.

Information for Minister Sheila Tegart:

  • Minister fee is $300 plus travel time if required
  • Communicates with couple through email and phone
  • She will register your marriage license and you will be mailed your certificate by the Provincial Government.

Contact Sheila at

If you have questions or want to get the conversation started then don't hesitate to call us at (877)397-0956

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