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Pet Friendly Information


When bringing your pet to Big White, Christina Lake or Idabel Lake, it's important to first know the basic rules. Property owners decide whether or not their vacation rental is pet-friendly and as property managers, we always respect their wishes with no exceptions. The most important point to stress is that you're responsible for your own pet!

Basic Guidelines

  • Do not leave your pet unattended in the property
  • Dogs are required to be on leashes at all times in accordance to BC Municipal ByLaw
  • You're required to clean up after your pet - carry any necessary disposal bags as needed
  • The nightly fee per pet is $20.00
  • Pets are not allowed in properties not marked as pet friendly

We want you to experience the beauty of Big White, Christina Lake and Idabel Lake with your companion, but we also have a responsibility to keep the vacation rentals in top shape, so please be considerate when bringing your pet on vacation with you. Should you have any pet-related questions, you're welcome to call us using the phone number at the top.

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